The specifics of exactly where it will hit are still up in the air at this point, but the Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is warning people to get ready for what could be a major winter storm starting on Wednesday.

The service posted this statement on their website Sunday morning:

''A potent storm system will develop midweek bringing the potential for very heavy snow and strong winds to the Great Plains Wednesday through Friday. The forecast is still changing and small changes in the position of the storm system could mean big changes in the weather for your area. Right now, the greatest area of concern is the eastern plains of Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle. Heavy snow and Blowing snow could cause lots of travel problems for next week. HOWEVER, this could change! The forecast will narrow down the areas most likely to see impacts as time goes on. The important thing now is to ensure you are prepared for winter weather. We recommend having an emergency kit ready to go with extra food, water, clothing, and batteries. We also suggest staying up to date with the latest forecast information."

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