Laramie County School District#1 Superintendent John Lyttle says a school board vote to authorize the district to consider a lawsuit over school funding doesn't mean the district will sue the state.

But he says it is intended to send a clear message that a lawsuit is on the table if district officials feel it is needed to preserve the quality of education

"At this point, there is no decision to be a part of a lawsuit," Lyttle says. He adds "I think the overall message is that we will continue to monitor it."

The board vote on Monday night was 4-3, and Lyttle says the trustees who voted against the measure felt it was a little premature. "Those who voted against it felt they wanted to give our legislators an opportunity," Lyttle says.

He also says he doesn't think a lawsuit will be filed before the 2018 legislative session because the board wants to see how the school funding recalibration process works out before suing. In passing the measure, the Cheyenne school district became the seventh district in Wyoming to authorize a possible lawsuit over school funding.

Lawmakers cut $34.5 million in state school funding during the 2017 Legislative session which wrapped up in early March.

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