Do you know a kid that got everything they wanted for Christmas and now it has been thrown aside and they are on to the next best thing?

Maybe that toy can go to the Special Friends / Wyoming Kinship Advocacy store. This store teaches responsibility to children that are currently in transition for family foster care.

These kids have to finish their chores, homework, etc and are rewarded with funny money to purchase toys. Your help is needed filling the store for these kids.

Here is a list of items that can be donated:

Games for youth 4-12 Building sets and blocks, Star Wars Art Supplies and crafts, Journals, Kids purses, Magic Show, Create and Carry Kid Crafts dishes, Super Hero Tu Tu kit Pokémon, Shopkins, Mr. Potato Head, Barbie and her stuff, Our Barbie, Camper bit the dust Bounce off Game,Orbeez, Mood lamps, Paw Patrol, Ker Plunk, Game Zing, Air Helix Football, Fingernail art,  Ninja Turtles.

No Makeup or Playdough.

Toys can be donated at:

-113 W 17th. St.-Home Spun

-1328 Talbot Court- Youth Alternatives

-612 McGovern-Richard Johnson's House



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