Laramie County School  District#1 Superintendent John Lyttle says that while he certainly doesn't want to eliminate activities in the district, there are probably some opportunities to save money in that area.

The superintendent says activities and athletics in the district are being funded at a level well above the statewide funding model for education. He says that while "we certainly don't want to cut that to the bone," some costs could probably be eliminated.

He says one example is local sports teams taking part in events that aren't required by the Wyoming High School Activities Association, such as road trips to Idaho. He says he thinks such trips are worthwhile "but that's when you have money."

He says under the current circumstances "maybe we are going to have to do some fundraising" for those kinds of events.

Lyttle says the district is also trying to extend the life of school buses. One step in that direction has been "adding a couple of mechanics" and making sure they are well trained in school bus maintenance and repair. He also says the buses are kept on a strict maintenance schedule to make sure they are being kept up.

Lyttle says the state has mandated that school buses only be replaced on an emergency basis. He says that could be problematic because it typically takes about six months to order and replace school buses in Wyoming, in part because of the safety features that are required.

Lyttle says the efforts to re-boundary the schools in the districts is also important because it allows for more efficient use of classroom space. He says in general the district is looking for the most efficient ways to operate in light of a $5.2 million cut in state money

The superintendent has said he is hoping any personal cuts that are needed can be taken care of through attrition (people leaving the district voluntarily or retiring).


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