Cheyenne will be crawling with all sorts of creepy characters tomorrow (Tuesday) night and police are warning motorists to be on the lookout for trick-or-treaters.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says children can act impulsively on Halloween and drivers need to exercise caution.

"Watch out for kids and people crossing the street," said Malatesta. "We have a lot of little ghouls and goblins running around town on Halloween and of course it's at the time of day when the sun is going down, it's a little bit hard to see to begin with."

While he can't recall any incidents of kids being hit in recent years, Malatesta says the potential for car accidents involving young pedestrians significantly increases on Halloween night.

"There are obviously going to be a lot more pedestrians out," said Malatesta. "Keep that in mind as you're traveling around town."

"Likewise, trick-or-treaters can help to make themselves more visible," Malatesta added. "Carry flashlights, glow sticks, things like that and always look twice before crossing the street."

Malatesta says members of the Citizens on Patrol program will also be "looking for parties and underage drinking" to help ensure everyone has a safe Halloween.

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