A recent missing person case has Cheyenne police encouraging families caring for a person with a medical condition that may cause them to wander to sign up for Project Lifesaver.

"It's a wristband that goes on that person's wrist," said Officer Kevin Malatesta. "If that person goes missing a family member can just notify the police department."

Each tracking bracelet has a transmitter that emits an individualized radio frequency, allowing police to respond to the wanderer's area.

"It really helps in identifying where the person is at and getting them back home safely before they've had a chance to get away and get themselves hurt," said Malatesta.

"There's no cost to sign up for the program," Malatesta added. "Anybody who wants to get into the program can contact Officer Juschka at (307) 633-6647 and she can go over the program requirements."

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