The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service has released details on tornadoes that were reported in Wyoming and the western Nebraska Panhandle on Friday, June 23.

The agency says a total of eight tornadoes were reported around the area, although the agency says there may have been other twisters that were difficult to verify because of a lack of damage.

The agency posted the following on its website:

After several days of meticulous data interrogation, we have come up with a Public Information Statement (PNS) regarding the severe weather outbreak on Friday, June 23rd, 2023. Our analysis highlights eight tornadoes. The ratings ranged from EF Unknown to EF-2, with the most damage observed where tornadoes were rated an EF-2. While there may have been reports of more tornadoes than have been highlighted, it is very difficult to locate beginning and ending points of tornadoes without any damage to survey over open country. Lots more info can be found on the PNS! Here is the link for the PNS:

Another tornado was reported in the Kimball, Nebraska area on Monday:

An active day yesterday with multiple severe thunderstorms and tornado reports. One severe storm did produce a brief rope tornado about 5 miles southwest of Kimball, NE. The tornado remained mainly over open farmland south of Interstate-80. However, one property was impacted. Here, a cinder block outbuilding was destroyed with debris scattered around the property and north of County Road 28. Damage was indicative of an EF-1 tornado. More details can be found in the Public Information Statement (PNS):

Tornadoes Spotted North of Casper

June 23rd, 2023

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