A pair of Cheyenne City Council members who say they plan to bring forward a city non-discrimination ordinance says they are still gathering information before writing the proposed law.

Council members Richard Johnson and Scott Roybal say they are bringing a proposal forward to protect LGBTQ residents from discrimination in response to requests from Cheyenne residents. But they say exactly what will be included remains to be seen.

Johnson says as he currently envisions the proposal, violators would face the same potential penalties as those imposed for other misdemeanors in the city, a fine of up to $750 and a jail sentence of up to six months.

But he notes that while the jail time is on the books, it is rarely imposed for other misdemeanor crimes, such as fireworks violations.

Johnson says he doesn't currently favor creating a position of special prosecutor to investigate discrimination complaints. That provision is part of a Laramie non-discrimination ordinance that was approved in that community in 2016.

Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr earlier this week that she would favor a non-discrimination ordinance that would impose civil but not criminal penalties for violators. The mayor also said she supports waiting to hear how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on a Colorado case before proceeding with a local ordinance.

That case involves a baker who refused to bake a wedding case for a same-sex couple. Johnson and Roybal made the comments Thursday morning on KGAB radio.

On Friday morning at 8, opponent of am non-discrimination ordinance, Cheyenne attorney Darin Smith, will be interviewed by telephone on the KGAB morning show.

You can watch video of the first part of Thursday's interview with Johnson and Roybal below:

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