After 35 years of silence, a woman has come forward alleging Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray sexually harassed her while the two were coworkers at a Cheyenne law firm.

Tatiana Maxwell of Boulder, Colorado, took to Facebook Monday saying, "Ed wrestled me down to the carpet in front of the receptionist desk, opened his pants, lifted up my blouse and ejaculated on my stomach."

Maxwell declined to speak "on the record" about the alleged incident, but says it happened during the summer of 1982 at Dray, Madison and Thompson -- the firm both her and Murray were working for at the time.

She says Murray -- who's about five years older than Maxwell -- was fresh out of law school and "came from what (she) thought was an entirely different world."

"Ed and I had never gone out, hadn't really talked much or knew each other well," said Maxwell. "I was a virgin and had never had sex with a man and I told Eddie so."

Maxwell says she told her close friends about the alleged incident, but didn't tell anyone at the firm because she "really liked (her) job and was worried that telling someone would get (her) fired."

"It was confusing to know what to do," said Maxwell. "I certainly wasn’t going to tell my parents, I couldn’t imagine going to the lawyers and I hadn’t been physically hurt so the police didn’t seem like an option either."

Maxwell says she began avoiding Murray and started referring to him as "Eddie the Toad."

"I know Eddie recalls this too," said Maxwell. "He ended up marrying a classmate of mine and attended our high school reunions."

Maxwell says Murray "singled her out" at her 10 year high school reunion and apologized, but "couched it in terms that I was irresistible and he couldn’t control himself."

"At our 20th reunion at the Hynds Building he alluded to it again," said Maxwell. "I reached out to him in the following weeks to see if there was a way to clear the air on this episode but he never responded."

Maxwell says she's "heard other rumors" regarding Murray, and hopes her story will help other women "feel less alone."

"It is a different time and (my daughters) have encouraged me to speak up," said Maxwell. "I am gratified to know that they have a different understanding of things and know what to do if something like this would happen to one of them."

Murray -- who denies the allegation -- says he's "shocked and appalled" by Maxwell's accusation, and says "there is no basis to this falsehood whatsoever."

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