Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr said Tuesday that while kids who set up neighborhood lemonade stands in the city are technically breaking the law right now, the city won't be enforcing that regulation.

The mayor went on to say that while she could issue an executive order legalizing the stands, she thinks the Cheyenne City Council will act to legalize the stands first.

Townsquare Media of Cheyenne's Rick Roddam published an article on Monday pointing out that under current city regulations in Cheyenne, the lemonade stands are illegal because food/beverage stands cannot operate in residential neighborhoods.

The other problem with the stands is that all food or beverage vendors need to obtain a permit for a Food Stand/Mobile Push Cart. Those permits cost $75 for commercial vendors or $25 for charitable organizations.

The mayor said she was shocked to learn about the regulations in regard to the lemonade stands, but after meeting with the city attorney, found out Roddam's article was in fact accurate.

Even prior to the mayor's comments on Tuesday, a police spokesman told Roddam that the department wouldn't be "taking a heavy-handed approach regarding kids with lemonade stands any time soon."

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