Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr said Friday the remaining buildings left from the Hitching Post Inn on the outskirts of Cheyenne need to be removed, one way or another.

The Hitching Post was once a landmark Cheyenne lodging establishment, well known as the place where state lawmakers often stayed when the Wyoming Legislature was in session. But after several years of decline, the inn burned down in a September 2010 fire that later was determined to be a case of arson.

Two of the owners of the inn were convicted of conspiracy charges in connection with the fire, and some of the buildings that were once part of the inn have sat vacant on the site since the blaze. The mayor made cleaning up the site one of the centerpieces of her 2016 mayoral campaign, citing the remnants of the inn as the sort of thing she would target with a ''fight the blight'' campaign.

Speaking on KGAB radio in Cheyenne Friday morning, Mayor Orr repeated her demand for the removal of the remnants of the inn. She told KGAB host Glenn Woods that one option for making that happen would be to condemn the property, with the owner receiving fair market value.

The mayor said the value of the property would actually be nothing since the cost to demolish and clean up the lot would be more than the property is actually worth. The mayor also said she has spoken to a couple of developers who are interested in the lot, adding that would be the preferable outcome of the situation.

You can see the mayor's entire interview in the video with this article.

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