Doug Randall, Townsquare Media
Doug Randall, Townsquare Media

Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr on Friday morning announced the winners of the first-ever Mayor's Beautification Awards.

The award winners in the various categories include the following:

-Do It Yourself Award: Dr. Louis R. Brown 2122 House Avenue (photo above).  Cited for ''modest Victorian features, the property displays eclectic, humble English characteristics with historic artifacts." The ''Progressive Nostalgia" garden was mentioned as offering a "momentary positive substitute and distraction (for passers by) from the physical and emotional hurts of their hospitalized loved ones." The house is located adjacent to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center.

-Water Wise Award: Thomas D. and Dixie M. Roberts. Ameriprise Financial Services inc. 3300 Central Ave. Cited for "a pondless waterfall with walking bridge." Also "tons of granite boulders, hundreds of xeriscape plants, and two benches where you can enjoy the soothing sounds and sight of running water." The supporting info also says ''These projects have turned this corner into a smooth and relaxing oasis."

-Small Business Award: Just Dandy/Virginia Dandy Brinkerhoff 212 W. 17th Street. Nominated by Mary and Peg Ostlund, the supporting info for this award winner says ''She single-handedly goes out of her way, by her enormous effort, including expense to present seasonal plants and decorations that make her business and downtown location attractive and inviting to the public. She sets a premier example for surrounding businesses who don't make effort at all."

-Large Business Award: Poder Academy, 1100 Richardson Ct. PoderAcademy Founder/CEO Marcus Martinez and Pourppirt Architects. The supporting info for this award includes taking an abandoned building that was en eyesore and having ''completed renovated the interior and exterior, and we have turned this nightmare of a facility into a beautiful school for the community to enjoy.''

Architect Rande Pouppirt was cited "in recognition of transforming abandoned and dangerous buildings to sources of civic pride through architecture and landscape."

The award was created to recognize ''community members who do an outstanding job of beautifying and improving their property." The nomination period started on August 7 and ended on August 30. A total of 20 nominations were received, 15 in the small business category and 5 for the ''Do It Yourself" award.


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