Cheyenne Mayor Marian Orr has announced her appointments to lead 12 city departments for the next two years.

Among the appointments are Police Chief Brian Kozak and Fire Chief Greg Hoggatt, both of whom are returning in those positions.

Here is the full list of the mayor's appointments:

Amy Allen, City Engineer
Charles Bloom, Planning & Development Director
Ron Downey, City Treasurer
Sylvia Hackl, City Attorney
Randy Hays, Assistant City Treasurer (Board of Public Utilities)
Greg Hoggatt, Chief of Cheyenne Fire Rescue
Ronn Jeffrey, Juvenile Court Judge
Kris Jones, City Clerk
Brian Kozak, Chief of Cheyenne Police Department
Teresa Moore, Community Recreation and Events Director
Mark Moran, Senior Municipal Court Judge
Vicki Nemecek, Public Works Director

The department directors will be sworn on January 7, along with three city council members elected in November.

The new council members are Scott Roybal (Ward 1), Dr. Mark Rinne (Ward 2), and Ken Esquibel (Ward 3). Roybal and Rinne are returning council members, while Esquibel will replace Richard Johnson, who did not run for re-election.

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