Monday's frigid weather didn't keep Cheyenne marchers from honoring the life, work and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Over 100 people bundled up for the march from the Cheyenne Depot to the Wyoming Supreme Court building.

Democratic Rep. James Byrd of Cheyenne -- whose late mother, Harriett Elizabeth "Liz" Byrd, fought a nine-year legislative battle to get Martin Luther King Jr. Day recognized as a state holiday -- says we've come a long way in realizing King's dream, but "still have a lot of road to go."

"Our journey is not over," said Byrd. "There is always going to be, unfortunately, a group of people that need to suppress another group of people or a portion of society for their own personal psyche."

"So we can never give up the fight," Byrd added. "We can never rest because, as we do, those people will take advantage of our rest."

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