4:32 P.M. UPDATE:

Police spokeswoman Alex Farkas says it will likely be sometime tomorrow before more details are released in the case.

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Police have yet to say whether a Cheyenne man they arrested Friday evening is believed to have been involved in the death of his girlfriend's son.

According to arrest records, 27-year-old Wyatt Lamb was taken into custody around 6:15 p.m. on a felony warrant for failure to appear and a misdemeanor warrant for parole violation.

Lamb's arrest came just hours after Athian Rivera, his girlfriend's missing 2-year-old son, was found dead in a dumpster near the couple's apartment at 514 Desmet Drive.

Police spokeswoman Alex Farkas says the department believes foul play was involved, but when asked Monday about Lamb's possible connection to the case, she said, "Unfortunately, it's still too early for me to confirm those details."

"We will have more information later this afternoon," Farkas added. "It should answer a couple of your questions."

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