A Cheyenne man accused of holding his young wife hostage in their home between July 21-23 while he severely beat her has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Daniel Richard Doby, Jr. appeared in Laramie County District Court on Monday, denying the eight counts against him which include kidnapping, first-degree sexual assault, aggravated assault and three strangulation charges.

Police say Doby's wife (J. D.) told them that her husband of three weeks physically stopped her from leaving their home, hit her and strangled her multiple times during her confinement.

She also stated that Doby "drug" her around the floor by her hair, took her iPad and cell phone so she couldn't call anyone, pointed a firearm at her and sexually assaulted her.

J. D. attempted to flee numerous times, even hitting Doby on the head with a coffee mug at one point, but Doby would not let her out of his sight. It wasn't until Doby fell asleep after more than 70 hours that J. D. was able to escape to her mom's house.

Doby was arrested on July 24 and reportedly admitted to holding J. D. against her will, strangling her and pointing his silver 1911 pistol at her.

He also stated that he had become frustrated with his wife's lack of personal hygiene, specifically her menstrual cycles, and rubbed J. D.'s menstrual blood on her face.

Police say Doby told them that he planned on holding J. D. against her will for "as long as it took" for her to pay attention to him.

Doby is currently being held in the Laramie County Jail on $100,000 cash bond. His trial is scheduled for November 7.

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