Helping America choose from the most business-friendly small markets in the U.S. for a startup, WalletHub issued this report on 2018’s Best Small Cities to Start a Business.

Surprisingly, out of 1,200 small cities, Cheyenne is 2018’s 5th Best Small City To Start A Business, citing:


Starting a Business in Cheyenne (1=Best; 631=Avg.):

633rd – Workforce Educational Attainment

561st – Office-Space Affordability

94th – Avg. Length of Work Week

37th – Avg. Growth in Number of Small Businesses

40th – Startups per Capita

573rd – Avg. Revenue per Business

401st – Industry Variety

Not to throw shade on this good news, but it seems to me, that while Cheyenne looks good on paper for startups, those of us who live here have seen so many businesses close their doors over the last few years.

Do the numbers lie? Where would you want to start a new business? Our Chamber Of Commerce loves this kind of word getting around to help our city grow, which would be great.

Great growth could come with Hyperloop One connecting Cheyenne to other areas at 700mph.How can we help nurture startups and sustained success?

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