Cheyenne City Councilman Richard Johnson is asking local residents to collect 10 tons of horse feed for a local program that helps kids with autism and epilepsy.

The feed would go to the Cheyenne Therapeutic Equestrian Center, which can purchase food from the account as needed so that it doesn't go bad.

Johnson says there are two ways to donate to the drive. One is simply to buy horse feed and drop it off at the Charitree at 612 McGovern.

The other is to donate at All Around Feeds at 204 S. College Dr. and tell them you want to donate food to the Richard Johnson Fundraiser.

The center helps kids with epilepsy and autism go for horseback rides, which is a proven way to help kids with those challenges.

Johnson, who has a fear of horses, has vowed to publicly ride one of the animals is the goal is met.

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