The Cheyenne Police Department issued a unit citation to five detectives today (Tuesday) for their work on a burglary case.

On November 16, the team began investigating a burglary at Marv's Other Place in which 15 guns were stolen.

"Detectives Willmarth, Edwards, Fahling, Reiber and Hutchinson were all assigned to work this case," said Officer Kevin Malatesta. "They were quickly able to identify the suspects (and) found out that those suspects were also involved in the local drug trade."

Over the course of six weeks, the detectives conducted 17 interviews, executed 22 search warrants and performed 15 undercover and covert operations.

"As a result of that (they) seized 12 firearms, six of which were stolen from Marv's Other Place, along with several ounces of methamphetamine, about $7,500 in cash and a little over 100 other pieces of stolen property," said Malatesta. "Also as a result of this, eight reported burglaries were solved and six different suspects were charged and arrested."

"It's out of the ordinary to get that much out of one burglary investigation," Malatesta added.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Silent Witness are offering rewards for information that results in the recovery of the remaining stolen guns.

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