After narrowly rejecting the proposal two weeks ago, the Cheyenne City Council on Monday night changed its mind about spending $275,000 on the Carey Building and erecting a new municipal court on the site.

"This is the most amazing action that I've ever seen this council take," said Councilman Pete Laybourn, calling the action "unprecedented."

"I don't know when or how we can possible comply with the proposal that has been brought before us to take this property off the hands of Mr. Lim, assume its liabilities, tear it down and develop it without an understanding of where the money comes from to do that," Laybourn added.

Laybourn was referring to an amendment made by Councilman Dicky Shanor, which called for a constructability review to ensure the project could be done for $9 million, the amount approved by voters on last May's sixth-penny ballot.

"I view this as a Band-Aid," said Council President Dr. Mark Rinne. "If we're going to really do something for downtown, if we're going to do development, then let's do something bold there."

"This is not the home run that people have said it's going to be," added Rinne. "My view is it's getting to first base on an error."

Should the constructability review show the project can't be completed within the $9 million allowed by the ballot proposition, the Carey Building site will be rejected and the city will begin seeking new proposals.

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