An ordinance that would have amended a section of the city code which deals with noise control for motor vehicle mufflers, thus increasing the fine for "rolling coal" in Cheyenne, went up in smoke Monday night.

The City Council unanimously defeated the ordinance on third reading, deciding to revamp it before moving forward.

"Basically the chief of police caught us right before the meeting stating that if they were looking to enforce muffler enhancement, that a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts could be breaking the law," said Councilman Richard Johnson, who sponsored the ordinance.

"As the folks said today, it's a very arbitrary sort of non-defined ordinance in terms of what's in violation," said Councilman Dicky Shanor.

"Too many irons were in the fire on this one," said Johnson. "It came down to a decision to pretty much strike everything that had been done up to third reading and then restart over and put everything in different sections."

Johnson says it will take some time to redraft the ordinance, but it will come back before the governing body in the future.

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