The motto of the Cheyenne Astronomical Society Program, or CAS, is to search, to learn, to observe and reflect. They will do just that tonight.  The Cheyenne Astronomical Society Program was formed in 1986. They are a bunch of local people that want to share their interest, knowledge and experiences with one another about the hobby they love best: astronomy.

Tonight, November 21, 2014 at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, the group will meet and discuss meteor showers. The public is invited to attend and anyone who wants to join the group is not required to own any equipment of their own.

If the weather permits, the group will offer observers an opportunity to view the contents of outer space to include, but not limited to: comets, meteors, and eclipses, to name a few. The experience will be out of this world!

For more information about the event or joining the group, please contact MJ at 307-634-2755 or visit their website here.

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