What a great time of the year to add a new member to your family. They're cold, you're cold. You could cuddle together in bed to keep warm. It's a win/win.

Let's check out those big woofers.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

My name is Sheba and I am for sure a queen. I'm looking for my new home where belly rubs and treats are on demand


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

 My name is Daisy and although I may act a little shy at first, spend a few minutes with me and you will see my soft and wiggly side. I sing soprano in the choir and I zoom like a race car.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

 Hi, my name is Spud. I am a very spunky and energetic boy who is still trying to learn some basic impulse control. I need someone who is willing to work with me on setting clear boundaries in the home and is willing to give me the training that I need and want.

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Now, let's check out our favorite felines.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Apache is a sweet 5-year-old male looking for his person. Could it be you?


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Marble is a loving guy who loves a good scratch behind the ears. Looking for a cuddle bug? Marble is the one for you!


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Hi, my name is Squeaky and I'm a very sweet old man who wants nothing more than to lay around and get all of your attention. I have a feline immunodeficiency virus so I need a little extra vet care.

If you want to check out any of these Pets of the Week, contact the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

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