Cheyenne Regional Airport officials are working to bring another airline to the capital city.

The airport dropped 79 percent in commercial passenger traffic from 2013 to 2015, to about 4,600 arrivals and departures in the more recent year from about 21,800.

"That is something that we're well aware of and working to rectify," said Jim Schell, Assistant Director of Aviation. "We've got a couple of different airlines that we're currently in negotiations with."

Schell couldn't say what airlines they've spoken with, but says they're focusing on a leisure carrier, which he believes would serve the region quite well.

"We definitely don't want to pursue anything that would be here for a year or two and then ultimately may not succeed," said Schell.

"The two top markets that we're pursuing right now are Vegas and Phoenix, however there are other markets out there that we're entertaining and at least discussing with other airlines," added Schell.

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