The Cheyenne Regional Airport's Air Traffic Control tower will remain open after all. The decision by the federal Aviation Administration(FAA) finalized a list of 149 contract towers across the country that will be closed beginning on April 7th.

Cheyenne Airport General Manager Dave Haring says the Cheyenne Regional airport control tower,which was originally on the closure list, was one of 24 the FAA will keep open because of national security concerns.

There are a lot of impacts here, not only because we have a military squadron here that utilizes the tower for war time or military readiness when it comes to air traffic control operation, but we also serve as a primary diversionary airport for Denver. Which was one of the things they came out and said if you are a smaller airport that serves as a diversionary hub for a larger airport, we have to consider that in our evaluation.

The 149 towers in the nation slated for closure over four weeks starting on April 7th represent over 30% of all of the towers in the nation and represents a 60% cut to the entire federal contract tower program.