There are lot of things people wish they could say in jobs around the country that just wouldn't be political correct. Enter YouTube channel ReThinkingTourism.

ReThinkingTourism is the brainchild of Doug Ramsey, which features the Brutally Honest video series. This episode is "The Brutally Honest National Park Welcome Video That Rangers Secretly Want You To Watch".

The title pretty much says it all. The short, just under 5 minute video begins with a message that reads:

On behalf of the government that funds us and the other rangers that patrol the park, we hope you have a nice time here... AND DON'T DIE!

The video is chockfull of interesting statistics that are given sometimes in a humorous many, but still are shocking, surprisingly and sometimes even downright scary. While I greatly enjoyed the video for its comedic value, it is very alarming how many people actually die annually at national parks, like Yellowstone, because they don't follow a few simple rules.

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