Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Dale Steenbergen is disputing recent statements by Cheyenne Mayor Rick Kaysen that no one really knows what the duties of a City Administrator would be if voters implement a proposal to create such a position.

Steenbergen says just as the duties of a mayor are clearly outlined in state law, the duties of an administrator are likewise clear.

Steenbergen says if there ''are any holes" in the definition of duties, it would be up to the "city council, which is headed by the current mayor of Cheyenne" to clearly define those duties. Steenbergen says he ''finds it curious that the mayor, who would be responsible for doing that, says they (the holes) exist".

The chamber leader also says Kaysen's concerns about the cost of hiring an administrator aren't valid. The mayor recently said "no one really knows" how much an administrator would cost the city.

But Steenbergen says that while it's true hiring an administrator would add an additional salary to the city budget, that cost would be more than made up for in a more efficient city government.

He says statistically city governments headed by a city administrator have ten percent smaller budgets than those led by a mayor. Steenbergen says the more efficient government would also reduce the need to raise city development fees, leading in turn to a more business-friendly climate in the city.

Cheyenne voters will go to the polls on November 10th to decide whether to approve the proposal to create a city administrator. If approved the administrator would be appointed by the city council, starting in 2017.