Did you remember to lock your car today? If you're not sure or you can't remember, I'd go back and double-check - especially if your car is parked at, or anywhere around Denver International Airport (DIA).

According to The Denver Channel, at least 520 cars have been reported stolen so far this year from Denver International Airport and the surrounding lots.

In comparison, the Denver Police's online crime map only reported 181 stolen vehicles around this time last year - although, the COVID-19 pandemic more than likely had an effect on that total.

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But, the global pandemic isn't entirely to blame - this year's numbers, alone, exceed the total amount of car thefts for each of the last five years:

  • 2020: 313 reported car thefts
  • 2019: 256 reported car thefts
  • 2018: 300 reported car thefts
  • 2017: 183 reported car thefts 
  • 2016: 144 reported car thefts

The data from the online crime map shows that these car thieves have had a tendency to steal a decent portion of the vehicles from the parking lots of multiple hotels and restaurants on Tower Road, near Denver International Airport.

They've also stolen vehicles from several rental car lots on Peña Boulevard, as well as the west and east garages, and parking lots on DIA grounds.

As far as the city of Denver as a whole is concerned, an average of about 1,025 cars per month - which equates to about cars 34 per day - have been stolen in 2021, according to the Denver Post.

The following statement from an airport official regarding recent car thefts in the area was received by Denver7:

"DEN is working closely with DPD. We have added security shifts overnight, specifically to patrol the lots. Our staff and contractor staff are also patrolling more often during the day. Employees have been reminded if they see something, to say something and utilize the See Say app to report anything suspicious. We encourage passengers to report any suspicious activity as well by using the See Say app or by calling 303-342-4211."

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