A bill that would mandate that infants who survive an abortion attempt are given "medically appropriate'' steps to keep them alive has won unanimous approval from a Wyoming legislative committee and will next be considered by the full Wyoming Senate.

You can read Senate File 34 here. it's sponsored by Senator(s) Steinmetz, Biteman, Boner, Dockstader, Hutchings and Kinskey and Representative(s) Flitner, Gray, Haroldson, Jennings, Neiman, Ottman, Rodriguez-Williams, Romero-Martinez, and Wilson.

The same bill passed the legislature last year but was vetoed by Gov. Mark Gordon.

In his veto message, the governor said he is pro-life, but added “Laws already in place protect children from being denied life-saving care simply because they were born as a result of an abortion. This bill will not do anything to improve on those laws which already exist."

But supporters of the bill say it is needed to prevent the application of laws in place in states such as New York and Virginia, which allow babies to be aborted and killed right up until birth. They also say it is needed to protect all infants in all circumstances and that it sends the message that all lives are important.

Opponents of the bill in the legislature last year argued that such decisions need to be left between the woman and her doctor, without the state being involved.

The bill passed the Senate Labor, Health and Social Services Committee Wednesday on a 5-0 vote. All five committee members are Republicans.

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