If you haven't been to a 'Trivia Night' at Black Tooth Brewery in Cheyenne yet, you are definitely missing out.

As a beer lover and a trivia lover, you really couldn't ask for much more than what Black Tooth Brewery in downtown Cheyenne provides on every other Monday evening. It was the third overall trivia night at the brewery and as a participant, it couldn't have been more enjoyable. Black Tooth brewer Thomas and beertender Kelly hosted the event that is continues on every other Monday evening. And this Monday was 90s Trivia, Part 2.

Two weeks ago, the brewery held 90s Trivia Part 1, and my team, with the help of mostly me, won. We were out to defend our 90s knowledge on Monday (November 30th) and we did just that. We own the 90s. Not really, but all the same, it was pretty amazing and we only wish there was more competition to compete with our crazy 90s knowledge. That being said, there was already a plethora of at least eight more teams competing to see who would ascend as 'King of the 90s'. Fortunately, that was us. With the surprise of a final round that would rival an audio Daily Double on Jeopardy, one of my teammates, Mat Murdock from 101.9 KING-FM and I were in telekinetic form as we seemed to know every final round song at the same time.

It was a night for champions, and this happened to be our night to repeat as trivia champions. But as always, we look forward to the next trivia night at Black Tooth. As always, the rules remain the same:

  • 1 to 6 people per team
  • Follow the Cell Phone Honor System (no Googling)
  • Winners receive a $20 gift card to Black Tooth
  • Drink beer and have fun!

We hope to see you there again two weeks from now for the next Black Tooth Brewery Trivia Night! Good luck trying to beat us!

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