A bill that would eliminate gun-free zones in public places has been filed in the Wyoming Legislature.

Senate File 75 would override gun bans in public buildings such as schools, including the University of Wyoming. Restrictions currently in place for concealed-carry permit holders would remain in effect, and it would not prevent private businesses and other non-public venues from banning guns.

The bill also reserves the right to pass gun regulations to the state legislature, rather than local governments.

The primary sponsor of the bill is Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R-Laramie County), a longtime gun-rights advocate. But the legislation appears to have strong support in the legislature. In the 30-member Wyoming Senate,13 members

have signed on as co-sponsors, while 23 members of the state house's 60 Representatives have joined as sponsors.

Opponents of the legislation say it pre-empts local control by allowing the state legislature to over-ride local gun restrictions.

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