A bill that would prohibit the sale, distribution or use of abortion drugs has been filed for the 2022 session of the Wyoming Legislature.

You can read Senate File 83 here.

The Bill is sponsored by Sen. Tim Salazar [R-Fremont County]. It's co-sponsored by Sens. Biteman, Boner, French, Hutchings, McKeown and Steinmetz and Representative(s) Bear, Gray, Jennings, Neiman, Ottman and Rodriguez-Williams. As opposed to a traditional abortion performed at a medical clinic, abortion drugs can be used in a home or other non-clinical setting to cause an abortion.

Senate File 83 would make the sales, use or distribution of such drugs a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail, a fine of up to $9,000 or both.

The law would not apply to contraceptives, cases where drugs are used to treat a miscarriage, or in cases where the mother's life is endangered by a pregnancy.

Because the 2022 legislative session is a budget session, non-budget items like Senate File 83 need a 2/3 majority vote for introduction. The session got underway today [Feb. 14] and is scheduled to run through March 11.

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