President Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline has caused an uproar on capitol hill, and among those opposing the decision, Wyoming Senator John Barrasso.

President Obama just made it clear that he is more interested in his own reelection than American job creation.

Barrasso says the decision is a victory for the minority of extreme environmental activists and a defeat for the tens of thousands of Americans who are lining up to find a Keystone job.

The President chose to shore up his voting base instead of standing up for unemployed Americans.

Yesterday, the President’s Job Council recommended the President support new pipeline projects as well as domestic energy development.

Along with disregarding the Job Council, Barrasso says the decision undermines national energy security.

Instead of strengthening our relationship with Canada, we will continue to be dependent on oil imports from Venezuela, Nigeria and the Persian Gulf.

Barrasso says Keystone will be remembered as one of the president’s most irresponsible decisions and is another example of how he is making our economy worse.

“I think you can be sure this won’t be the last word on Keystone.”