The internet has no shortage of complaints about anything, from anyone, at anytime. Honestly, the best and worst thing social media as a whole has given us is the endless ability to complain and think you're being heard. This very abuse of power has been capitalized by the online shop Amber Share Design, featuring the artistic talent and brilliant sense of humor of it's founder, who turns bad reviews of national parks into actual pieces of art.

In fact, they're so wonderfully appealing - I now own four and they decorate my home and work office.

The idea is too fun not to take further however, and with a little time, patience, and cackling, I've compiled a list of bad tourist reviews of our pretty little state, with my own commentary thrown in as well.

**reviews have been quoted verbatim, errors included, and it is acknowledged that not all photos are exact representations of the reviewed location

The Worst Reviews of Wyoming from Awful Tourists

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