Authorities say they're close to making an arrest in an armed robbery that occurred at a credit union inside a Cheyenne Safeway store two months ago.

On February 29, a man wearing a surgical mask approached a teller at the Warren Federal Credit Union branch, displayed a small, semi-automatic handgun and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

"We have identified our suspect, our problem is he's homeless," said Laramie County Sheriff's Department Captain Linda Gesell. "He's mainly homeless down in the Fort Collins area, but we have been unable to locate him."

It was originally reported that the man possibly fled in an older-model, red Ford Taurus, but Gesell says he actually got away in a teal and white, 1970s Volkswagen camper bus that he stole from a woman in Boulder, Colorado.

Courtesy: Laramie County Sheriff's Department
Courtesy: Laramie County Sheriff's Department

"He stole it and brought it up here from Colorado," said Gesell. "We determined it by other surveillance videos, other videos on homes, that he parked his van in one location and ran to the back of Safeway and then ran back to his van after the robbery."

"All the Colorado authorities know we're looking for him," added Gesell. "He's got an outstanding warrant in Colorado, so they will arrest him when they do catch him."

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