Have you ever caught a glimpse of the northern lights?

After a couple large solar flares erupted earlier this week, scientists are predicting spectacular views of the Aurora Borealis across much of the U.S. tonight including over Cheyenne.

If you are still up in the overnight hours and there's a clear sky, look toward the northern horizon for sheets of swirling green or pink lights. One expert in Oregon says the best time to see the Northern Lights will be after midnight.

It's rare for those living in such low latitudes to see the Aurora Borealis. During a trip to Montana in the early 1980's, we noticed colors in the sky while driving in northern Wyoming and pulled over. We saw some amazing green lights streaming unpredictably around the night sky.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the northern lights are the result of collisions between the Earth's gaseous particles and matter released by the Sun's atmosphere.