It's rare that we regular people get to see this. A brand new video share shows a tree that grows bears.

I know it's hard to communicate sarcasm with just words, so I'll be clear. Yes, this is sarcasm, but tell me there aren't a few people that visit our state every year that would believe it. Here's how the person who captured the video described it:

We were watching the bear cubs play when they decided to play king of the tree.

Based on the video time stamp, this bear in a tree moment happened in the Dakotas just a few days ago.

There is some fun science behind why you bears are such agile climbers. Bear cubs like these who are playing will use those climbing abilities as they get older to acorns and berries. That's also the reason why it's not a good idea to try and climb a tree to escape a bear since that automatically makes you appear as fleeing prey (that they can easily reach).

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It's sad that I need to say this, but no, there really aren't bear trees. But, if you have friends that plan to visit Wyoming or anywhere in the west where bears reside, this is a fun thing to show them just to see how much they're willing to believe.

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