Winter Weather Returns To The UK
Matt Cardy, Getty Images

When the snows come, you can count on the Cheyenne snow plows to be out all night trying to get the roads ready for your morning commute. Yet despite their best efforts, there are a few spots that can be fun - sorry - dangerous, and you should be careful.

Here are three spots I don't want to play around with winter driving.

1. The Roundabout

Everyone's favorite roundabout near the VA Medical center can provide a rear end slide around if one takes it at what would be an average speed on a dry day. The long left hand turn around is bad enough. Then one must make a right turn to the desired street. Jerk the wheel too fast and the rear tires suddenly slide in the opposite direction.

2. East of Downtown 

Drive 19th and 20th street and you will drive downhill, though a flat area, and back up again, between Alexander Ave and Russel ave. The downhills are not so bad. Just mind your speed on the way down. But between the hills, there is a dip in the road so bad the city has placed warning sighs. You can see scrapes in the street where folks hit that dip a little too fast. On a snowy slick day it can send a car into a spin. The posted speed limit is down to 20 mph. I suggest a bit slower on a slick day.

3. Dell Range

Finally, say you are heading east toward the mall. There is hill. Those snow plows work extra hard keeping that one clean. But if you catch it at a slick time you might have to coast out the speed you built up on the way down. Lets hope no one pulls out in front of you when you at a time when you can't break.

Spring is not too far away. Thank God for spring.


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