Lakeview Cemetery is home to one of Cheyenne's creepiest ghost stories. Legend has it, there is an angry spirit on the west side of the cemetery that has been known to attack dogs.

Author Jill Pope wrote about one incident in the book Haunted Cheyenne.

"Hank lunged up throat high, biting, growling, and jumping at the invisible aggressor," she recounted. "Hank was fighting for his life, and his master's. It was a grave situation."

After struggling with the ghost for several minutes, the dog's owner was finally able to pull him across the street. When she told a neighbor about the attack, he reported a similar encounter with his dog in the same area.

Along with nine former Wyoming Governors, the historic cemetery is also the final resting place for four United States Senators, two United States Congressional Medal of Honor winners, and a former Major League Baseball player.

Lakeview is one of several allegedly haunted cemeteries in Wyoming Ghost sightings have also been reported at Bellevue Cemetery in Sheridan, Greenville Cemetery in Laramie, and in and around gravesites at Fort Bridger, Fort Laramie, and Fort Washakie.

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