When it comes to  drug and alcohol related arrests in Wyoming in 2014, the latest numbers were good in same areas and bad in others.

In their latest annual report, the Wyoming Association Of Sheriff's And Chiefs Of Police says alcohol related arrests were down in 2014, but drug involved arrests were up.

Sheridan Police Chief Rich Adriaens says the number of DUI arrests in Wyoming for 2014, were down by 8% during the course of the past five years.

However, the average blood alcohol content of a person arrested for DUI, was almost double the legal limit and that number has changed very little, during the same time frame.

Drug involved arrest numbers had a more alarming trend, up 37% during the past two years.

Adriaens says the recent legalization of marijuana in other states has contributed to the increase in drug involved arrests.

"We know that to the north and to the south of the state of Wyoming, we have some form of legalization of marijuana. I-80 and I-90 are major thoroughfares across the country. A lot of the legal growth and possession of marijuana in these states, are making their way to black markets and other markets in other states, so I think that's probably got a big thing to do with it."

The Wyoming Association Of Sheriff's And Chiefs Of Police has been collecting arrest data for 10 years, and uses the report to raise awareness not just to law enforcement agencies, but to communities who want help combat various problems.

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