The Albany County Sheriff's Office is telling residents not to be alarmed if they see low-flying aircraft hauling electromagnetic devices in the area, especially east and south of Laramie.

That's according to a post on the agency's Facebook page.

The post says Xcaliber Multiphysics is conducting a low-level helicopter geophysical survey using a Resolve electromagnetic device (see above photo).

The post says the flights will be low to the ground, but says the devices do not emit any harmful electromagnetic energy. The post says the flights will be based out of Laramie Regional Airport.

According to the post, there are two survey zones:

Zone 1 approximately 15 miles east of Laramie airport.
o Zone 2 approximately 30 miles south of Laramie airport.
• Survey flights are compliant with FAA underslung load operations. The helicopter pilot will avoid overflight of people, vehicles or structures that could contain people.
• Flights are during daylight hours (07:30 to 16:00) under VFR conditions.
• Typically, 3 sorties will be flown each day with each sortie lasting between 2.0 and 3.0 hours.
• Helicopter survey altitude is 200’ AGL in the survey area.
• The pilot will fly a series of grid patterns over each block with connecting (tie) lines.
You can read more about Xcaliber data collection operations at the company's website.
While  the post doesn't say specifically what the survey is looking for, the company website does say that it works to ''Unlock the hidden wealth of the earth." That would seem to imply a search for minerals or oil/gas reserves.

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