The Wyoming American Civil Liberties Union says it supports the protests against the death of George Floyd and says Wyoming needs a shift in priorities to fight racism.

Antonio Serrano, Advocacy Manager for the ACLU of Wyoming, issued the following statement on Monday:

“Invariably, people of color in Wyoming face systemic barriers to education, health care, employment and justice,” said Serrano. “In order to move from a place of outrage to a place of healing, there must be a fundamental shift in our state’s priorities and it needs to start with law enforcement and elected officials acknowledging the lives lost and people hurt by police in Wyoming. Pretending our state does not have these problems is turning a blind eye to an entire community and their pain. It is up to us as a community to stand together and do everything we can to fight against racism in any form and in any institution."

In a news release, the ACLU said it is ready to work with lawmakers to create policies to "break down the unchecked and systemic racism that has brought us to this point."

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