A bill that would add requirements to existing state law on reporting abortions is being proposed in the Wyoming Legislature.

Among other things, the bill would fine doctors $1,000 for failing to report an abortion within 30 days, with more  $1,000 fines being imposed for every additional 30 days in which the procedure is not reported. Doctors who failed to report an abortion within six months would be required to submit a form to the board of medicine.

Doctors who falsify an abortion form could be sentenced to a year in prison and/or a $1,000 fine.

The bill would also compile a public report on abortion statistics, and collect other information such as the race and marital status of the pregnant woman. The identities of women who had abortions performed would not be included in the report.

House Bill 103 is sponsored by Rep. Scott Clem [R-Campbell County], and several other Republican House members.

Sen. Cheri Steinmetz [R-Goshen/Weston/Niobrara counties is a Senate sponsor.

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