Something very rare will be happening over Casper in late December and it won't happen again for another 60 years after that. Jupiter and Saturn will be closer than they've been in nearly 400 years.

EarthSky shared details of what will happen above our heads on December 21. Jupiter and Saturn will have a conjunction and be closer than they've been since 1623. This is known as a great conjunction since it involves the two largest planets in our solar system.

Exactly where and when can Jupiter and Saturn be seen in our sky? EarthSky created a helpful graphic to give you directions.

While this great conjunction did happen in the year 2000, it was so close to the sun it wasn't really visible. This year, it will be easily findable. As a matter of fact, on a clear night you can see them getting closer even now leading up to the closest conjunction on December 21.

Here's one more very unique angle on this event. Harvard shared a document theorizing that it was a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that happened at the same time as the magi saw the Star of Bethlehem.

The International Business Times mentioned that the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn won't be the only event around that time in December. There will also be the Ursids Meteor Shower. Oh, and it will also be the first day of winter.

Mark your calendar for the night of December 21 and the nights leading up to it for this rare sky phenomenon that won't be seen again until your grandchildren are the sky watchers.

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