Too much of a good thing, may not be good for us. Cell phones and smartphones have been a huge blessing to our lives in so many ways. But what are the health risks?

Recent research results have revealed many different angles where smartphones are having an impact on both peoples mental and physical health.

Here are 5 ways that cell phones may be affecting our health.

  1. Nomophobia - This means that people suffer from fear of not having their cell phone for periods of time. A study in the United Kingdom showed that 66% of us are afraid of being without their phone or losing it.
  2. Text Claw - This particular term is used to describe what happens to a persons hand and fingers after much texting. Sore muscles and finger cramping can be the result of too much typing and scrolling.
  3. Computer Vision Syndrome - Blurred vision and eye strain can be the result of looking at computer screens for long periods of time. Eye astigmatisms, dryness and dizziness have also been factors with too much screen time.
  4. Bacteria and Germs - Researchers, in 2011, from the University of London found fecal matter contaminating cell phones. They said it was possibly due to people not properly washing their hands with soap after using the restroom. Some of the phones in the research were found to also have E coli on them.
  5. Vibration Syndrome - People thinking that their cell phone is vibrating in their pocket is a reality among many users. Phantom vibrating affected 89% of people in the study. Also, they found people were anxious when their cell phones were not buzzing.