A long-time suicide prevention group in Cheyenne has announced its "imminent dissolution" in a post on its Facebook page.

The exact circumstances prompting the decision to shut down are not clear at this point.

The Grace for 2 Brothers Foundation posted the following announcement:

''The Board of Directors regrets to confirm the imminent dissolution of the Grace For 2 Brothers Foundation. It is our intention to transfer many of our services and referrals to other agencies and programs available in our region, and statewide.'' 

The following was also posted:

''The Board has been working diligently and carefully through these difficult circumstances. We realize that our decisions and connections in this hour of disappointment are critical for us rise again – stronger. We are optimistic that one day we will rebuild.''

A call to the organization on Friday morning seeking details on the reason for the closure was not immediately returned. The organization's website describes its purpose as follows:

''The GF2B foundation provides education, intervention, and resources to individuals who need mental health assistance and facilitates support to persons impacted by suicide in Wyoming.

Formed in 2010, Grace For 2 Brothers Foundation provides resource information and assistance to those who know someone in crisis, to those who are currently in crisis, and provides support to caregivers and survivors of suicide loss. The Foundation offers a multitude of resources, support, and trainings to ALL who are interested.''

Grace For Brothers has long been active in Cheyenne, including organizing events like the "Walk of Grace."

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