Whether it's Ft Collins or Denver, you may find yourself doing some holiday shopping this year. But there are some interesting facts about the "Mile High" city.

Denver is at the base of the Rocky Mountains and is visited by folks all around the world. Here are 5 interesting facts about Denver.

  1. The Capitol Building - Some claim that it might be the most impressive and most valuable of any other capitol building in America. The dome, itself, is made of 24 carrot gold and a lot of the capitols interior is made of Colorado's own Red Onyx.
  2. No Kissing Rule - The year was 1902, and Denver's Union Station instituted a "no kissing" rule to keep lovers from holding up the train from leaving the station on time.
  3. What's In A Name? - Denver was named after James Denver, who was a former Kansas Territory Governor. It was named by William Larimer, who was trying to score some brownie points with Denver, even though Denver had already retired.
  4. The "King" Arrived - Elvis Presley stopped off in Denver for "official business" - to grab a sandwich. It was called the "Fool's Gold Loaf", which consisted of a pound of blueberry jam, a pound of peanut butter and a pound of bacon stuffed in a roll.
  5. Red Rocks - This concert area was fabricated by nature itself. The popular concert area has hosted concerts since 1906. The first band to play at Red Rocks was a 25-piece brass band headed by John Brisben Walker, who was a publisher for Cosmopolitan and called the arena, "The Garden of the Titans."