I'll tell you, it can be a challenge to find a good mechanic these days. They may be able, but are they honest? They may be honest, but are they capable with new cars out?  Besides going to the dealership, what are some good ways to try and identify and hire a good mechanic to work on your old or new vehicle? Here are 5 suggested things that you should look for when hiring a mechanic.

  1. Prior To The Problem - The absolute best time to shop for a mechanic is before you have a car problem. A good tester is to have them change your oil and see how that goes.
  2. Single Brand - It's good to look for a single brand mechanic to work on your car versus the dealership. If you want an extra boost for starters, contact AAA or look for reviews with the Better Business Bureau to see what their track record and reviews are.
  3. A Second or Third Opinion - If the estimate for repairs on your car is too high, there is nothing wrong with getting a second or third opinion and price. Mechanic shops bill on different scales. Some by the hour and part, others have a rate based on the job. When in doubt, check it out.
  4. Scheduled Maintenance - Make sure you do your proper preventive maintenance checks on your vehicle. You can check the car manual, or for older cars, you can go online to find out what the maintenance schedule on your car is and keep up with it.
  5. Proper Diagnosing and Troubleshooting - If your car is running sluggish, many mechanics will tell you to do a tune-up. A good and competent mechanic can pine point the problem, rather than just telling you to do a tune-up. Having said that, your car may just need a tune-up, but don't just settle for that as an answer.

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