Guns & Ammo Magazine recently took a look at all 50 states gun laws, to include Washington D.C., to see which states had the best up-to-date gun laws.  Here are the top 5 states that have the best gun laws in the United States. What constitutes the "best" gun laws include: reciprocity with other states, costs, training and ease of acquiring a concealed permit.

  1. Arizona - This is probably the best state for gun owners. Doesn't require permits from its residents, however it will issue licenses to those who want them.
  2. Utah - This state does require a permit. These permits don't cost much, but the interesting part of this is that they can carry almost everywhere. Not much limitations on where they can carry.
  3. Alaska - Much like the Cowboy State, Alaska residents do not need a permit to carry a gun. The state of Alaska will issue permits, should their residents want to travel to other states that require them. Also, Alaskans must inform law enforcement that they are carrying.
  4. Wyoming - The Cowboy State checks in at #4 as they have adopted the same type law as Vermont. They can carry without a permit. In order for residents to carry in reciprocal states, Wyoming will issue permits.
  5. Florida - This is where the concealed carry permit started, as we know it today. Also, it's stand-your-ground laws are common across America.

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