Religion takes many different forms and shapes, especially today. But who would have thought that people would have based their beliefs off what they see in pop culture?

This just might be a shocker to you, especially if you have a sense of reverence toward God. Here are 5 man-made religion's based and fabricated from pop cultural ideologies.

  1. Jedi-sim - When you look at this religion through global glasses, this is probably one of the most popular. They are the "light side of the force" and have been aligned with Wiccans and The Universal Life Church. They are known to "ordain" official Jedi Knights in accordance with leaders from other religions.
  2. Dude-ism - White Russians, Taoism and classic flicks make up this strange religion. They use the character "the dude" from The Big Lebowski, which is the icon for how to live life. Things like, but not limited to: taking it easy, abide and live the moment. Believe it or not, there are about 150,000 Dude-ists world wide and they also have their own, "laid back" minsters to boot.
  3. Star Trek Religion - This has probably been around for many decades, or at least since the late 60's. The problem with the congregation, as with many other biblical religions, is that everyone sort of has their take on it. The law of the United Federation of Planets is the law that many followers believe is ideal to live and guide themselves by. The positive side is that everyone wants to live in peace. The weird side is that many fantasize as being Captain Kirk and loving on alien women.
  4. The Church of the Fonz - It has been said that many people have sought to re-create Peter Griffin's vision of worshiping "The Fonz", nicknamed for the character Arthur Fonzarelli from Happy Days. Supposedly, this was promoted on a T.V. show called Family Guy.
  5. Cullenism - This religion is based on the popular book, made movie, Twilight. Because of the obsession of fans for the character Edward Cullen, they decided to fabricate a religion out of it. If you're good, then you get to spend eternity with Ed. Before you get there, you'll have to worship writer Stephanie Meyer, the books and the movies. Very weird, to say the very least.